Permanent Contact Lenses

Visian® Implantable Contact Lenses

Visian ICL is a convenient alternative to glassess, contacts or LASIK treatments. This procedure can be performed on those struggling with additional problems, such as dry eye. It offers vision improvement you will notice but others won’t see.

No More Contacts or Glasses

Convenient & Hassle Free

Be free from contact lens woes and tracking down missing glasses. With the Visian ICL lens, you essentially have permanent contact lenses. See easily and enjoy your surrounding in high-definition. And it gets better – You won’t experience dry eye symptoms as with alternative treatment options.

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15 Minutes for a Lifetime of Improved vision

Safe & Efficient Procedure

This quick and easy procedure will have you seeing clearly within minutes – fifteen to be exact. With this short out-patient procedure your only worry will be finding someone to drive you home once it’s complete. This safe procedure is additive, meaning no tissue is removed. The design was built with natural sight in mind.
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Nobody will notice, not even you

Invisible & Undetectable

Visian ICL functions with your natural eye, protects it from UV rays, and is completely invisible. In fact, the only reason you’ll know it’s there is your clear, improved vision.

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Designed to be permanent, but doesn’t have to be

Can Be Removed if Necessary

While it is designed to be permanent, a Visian ICL lens can be completely removed by an ophthalmologist should you want to have further procedures completed on your eyes. If a new innovative corrective-vision technology comes to market you have the ability to pursue it. And if you have a major change to your eye perscription? Not to worry – you can have the lense replaced to adapt to changes in your eyes.

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Are Visian® Implantable Contact Lenses right for you?

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Visian ICL Lens

Visian ICL Lens

Visian ICL Lens

The Visian ICL Lens is made of naturally occurring collagen, helping it to achieve biocompatibility. The procedure required to implant these lenses in non-invasive, quick, and it takes only a 3.5mm insert. This results in a quickened recovery time of just a few short days after completion of the procedure. This lens is removable in the case of a prescription change or if an additional procedure is performed on the eye.

Why We Use the Visian ICL Lens

  • Biocompatibility – The Visian ICL lenses work with the natural chemistry of your eye for best vision and comfort.
  • UV Protection – This technology helps you see clearer while protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays.
  • Soft & Comfortable – Visian ICL lenses do not cause dry eye or other discomfort to patients making them a preferred method for achieving clear vision..

Meet Dr. Tres

Dr. Trespalacios has earned a reputation for excellence and has been selected by respected peers in the field of cataract and LASIK surgery as one of the “Best Doctors” in the country.

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““In our practice so far, all the patients that I have implanted this lens are very, very happy, and so my own personal group of patients have 100 percent acceptance rate and really like it.” ” – Dr. Tres

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