Restore Comfort To Your Eyes

LipiFlow® Evaporative Dry Eye Treatment

This treatment option for dry eyes uses heat and pressure on eyelid glands to achieve normal lipid production. Patients will benefit from long-term relief rather than the short-term effects provided by alternative treatments.

12 Minute Procedure

Quick and Easy Treatment

The procedure takes around 12 minutes to complete, making it simple and non-invasive. Some patients may need multiple sessions to achieve the full spectrum of results they desire. Dr. Tres will advise you on what is best for your individual situation.

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Don’t Wait for Relief

Same-Day Treatment

After your initial evaluation, the LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment can be performed the same day. You don’t need to worry about scheduling another appointment and withholding relief from dry eye any longer. Same-day treatment gives patients the relief they need quickly and efficiently.
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Results in as soon as two weeks

Fasting Acting Treatment Gives Quick Relief

Patients report noticeable results in as soon as two weeks. With LipiFlow you won’t need to wait for comfort, it’s right around the corner. The maximum level of results will be achieved over a six to eight week period.

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Reduced Dependency on Eye Drops

Long Lasting Relief

Keys, wallet, eye drops? With LipiFlow, you’ll no longer need to worry about constantly carrying eye drops everywhere you go. Restoring your eyes lipid production to a natural state will not only prevent discomfort, it also cuts back on the hassle of preparing for potential eye pain each day.
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The Activator

The Activator

Ocular Surface Interferometer

Ocular Surface Interferometer

LipiView® Thermal Pulsation System

Thermal Pulsation System

The Activator


Why We Use The Activator

  • Accurate – Captures high-resolution image of patient’s eye for preoperative planning.
  • Precise – Helps ensure precise position of incisions even in the case of eye movement and rotation with real time eye movement and cyclorotation tracking.
  • Efficient – Eliminates the need for manual eye marking.

Surface Interferometer

The Ocular Surface Interferometer uses digital imaging technology to take images that show the thickness of the lipid layer. Dr. Tres can then use this to determine if you’re suffering from dry eye. It can be used during a non-invasive procedure that takes five minutes to complete. Evaluation of lipids takes place both during and after the procedure to determine the best treatment option for you. Measurements include blink dynamics, meibomian gland structure, lipid layer thickness.

Why We Use the Ocular Surface Interferometer

  • Accuracy –Measures thickness with nanometer accuracy.
  • Reporting –Gives us a better visual and improved ability to diagnose and prescribe a treatment plan.

Thermal Pulsation System


Meet Dr. Tres

Dr. Trespalacios has earned a reputation for excellence and has been selected by respected peers in the field of cataract and LASIK surgery as one of the “Best Doctors” in the country.

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“The first interface that light traverses when entering your eye is the tear film…it is also often the most overlooked. You could have better than 20/20 vision but be miserable because of dry eyes.” – Dr. Tres

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