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Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses provide patients with clear vision that doesn’t cost them their comfort. The lenses create a fluid chamber between the lens and the cornea which results in superior visual acuity. These lenses are not only comfortable and custom-fitted, they are also shown to have healing effects on the cornea.

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Comfort Comparable to Soft Contact Lenses

Clear & Comfortable Vision

Scleral lenses are made of light, comfortable material that makes them just as comfortable as wearing soft contact lenses. These lenses sit on the sclera (white part) of the eye, vaulting over the cornea. This is a great option for those suffering from dry eyes and keratoconus. It allows for clear vision without an uncomfortable or damaging fit.

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Can Heal Your Cornea While Worn

Protective & Healing Qualities

Because the scleral lenses vault over the cornea, it is protected by washing it continuously with preservative-free saline which can aid in healing the cornea. These lenses create what is essentially a liquid bandage. It promotes healing, hydration, and prevention of further desiccation.

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Contact lenses

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Larger size allows for easier insertion

Easy to Use

Scleral lenses are a large diameter contact lens which makes them easier to insert than their smaller counterparts. The ease of use weighed out with other benefits makes this option attractive to those suffering from dry eye or keratoconus. Scleral lenses are cared for in a similar fashion to soft contact lenses. For patients shifting from soft contact lenses to the better fit of a scleral lens, the transition should be easy.

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Resolve Vision Distortion & Blurring

Improved Vision

Scleral lenses help to cover irregularities in the surface of the eye which leads to an improved vision. This will cut back on blurring and distortion you would experience when not wearing scleral lenses.

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